Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saipan Fake News Welcomes New Writer

By The Yapper
Editor In Chief

Free speech aficionados throughout the CNMI and beyond were treated to a breath of fresh air this week as Saipan Fake News welcomed its newest writer to the world of local and international sarcasm.

"We've had our eye on The Twixster ever since he made the move from peanut butter to caramel," said The Daily Yapper. "Now he's working for the best fake news syndicate in the Commonwealth."

In the coming weeks, readers will get a taste of The Twixter's style that earned him his second Foolitzer Prize in faux reporting. The Twixter vaulted to legendary ranks as only he and one other man have been so honored.

Who is the other man?

Bill O'Reilly